Sunday, March 9, 2014

RECLAIMing our outdated coffee table

Since we started using Caromal Colours, we have only ever used the textured basecoat, but now in their other line, RECLAIM, they have beautiful new colors and they have improved the paint even more, so we couldn't resist giving it a try.  RECLAIM paint has the primer, paint and sealer all in one, which is a great way to save time and $$.  Grey is my new go-to color and their Pewter is delicious!

We have had this coffee table for over 15 years!  It is made of solid wood and very well built.  As you can see from the pic below, it was a little hammered and needed some TLC.

The table has great bones and just look at those legs!  I am a sucker
for great legs!

Unlike the textured basecoat, which you apply with a chip brush, we were able to roll 
the RECLAIM, so the top took all of 2 minutes. . . seriously!

In the pic below, you can see where we applied Vaseline
before we painted, just to make the paint chip away easier and make 
it more distressed.

Next, we went out in the glorious sunshine and painted the legs Off White.
That was definitely more time consuming, but only because we had to use 
a chip brush for the legs.

We had used a scraper on the top but didn't sand yet.

Our electric sander was on the fritz, so this baby was done all by hand.
We went pretty heavy on the top, just to make it look old and worn.
I don't think I own a piece of furniture that isn't distressed.  I just
think it gives your pieces character and I am far from perfect in 
any aspect of my life, so this style really truly reflects ME!

Now, the top, sides and legs have all been sanded. 

Next up, we applied the antiquing glaze for an even more worn look.

I don't know if you can tell from the pic below, but the 3 boards on the 
right of the pic have the glaze applied and the 3 on the left do not. 
You can definitely tell the difference in the actual wood that is coming through. 

But the real difference is when the glaze is applied to the Off White paint.  It looks incredible!!

This is a gorgeous piece and definitely one of my new favorites, 
but I say that about every new project we complete.

Well, happy painting everyone!  

Oh!  I forgot to let you know. . . we drew a winner for the free jar of paint and 
TIFANI DULANEY, you are the lucky one!

Let me know which color you want and it will be on its' way.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

When one door opens...

Another weekend at the cabin, another project done.  We have grand hopes for the gardens at our cabin and this weekend was just one more step (of many) to achieving our goals. We don't really do anything "normal" around here, always looking for something different to add to our decorating, so decided to put a really old red door with chippy paint as our gate in our future garden (I know people have used doors before, it's just not what you typically see as a garden gate).  My mom is a collector of vintage items and had this door leaning up against the wall inside.  Justin buried a couple posts, screwed the hinges in and Voila!  She is gorgeous!

 It's great, other than now my path of pallet boards is off center and 
I have to play in the dirt some more. 

Look at this beauty!  My mom had this old washing machine basin lying around the yard.
Hopefully she doesn't mind it is now a planter!
Love to repurpose things.  They give your decorating so much character.

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