Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dad!

When Mom called me that Friday afternoon, I immediately knew something was wrong.  I could tell in  the tone of her voice.  I still clearly remember what she said, "Hi honey," I said Hi Mom, then "Dad has had a heart attack. . . "  What?  I couldn't believe my ears, my heart dropped.  This couldn't be happening to my dad, because up until this point I just simply took it for granted that you and Mom would be around forever (or at least until I didn't need you anymore, which you know won't happen because I will always need you).  You were only 61 years old and if you ask me, that is way too young to be having a heart attack.  Mom was crying but tried to reassure me that you were going to be okay.  She told me it was a minor heart attack (come to find out later your levels were the highest some of the nurses had ever seen in their whole careers so I don't think it was too minor).  I called Justin to tell him and when he got home he told me to get in the car and go.  I came down by myself because I had to be there for you, for Mom.  I had to see for myself that you were going to be okay.  The drive down was crazy and because I got stuck in road work traffic I didn't make it to the hospital in time to see you that night. 

The next morning I was up and ready to go early because I couldn't wait to see you.  It was a very somber feel in the cardiac ICU with the central nurses station and all the rooms around the perimeter.  I could see in the other rooms and there were some people who were on ventilators and in comas with all kinds of tubes hooked up to them. I was actually afraid to see you to see what kind of shape you were in, and then we got to your room and I was so relieved because you looked great.  I had to stay long enough to make sure that you really were going to be okay.  I used to call home and mostly talk to Mom, but now I need to hear your voice and make sure that you are still feeling good and doing what you are supposed to (I don't mean to nag, just want you around a lot longer).

You kept telling me that you were given a second chance and I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am that you are still here.  I try to make a conscious effort every day to be grateful for my family and realize how fragile life really is and that it can change in an instant. 

I thank God every day for helping you to get off that mountain.  I thank God every day that Mom had the sense to not even hesitate, but to get you in the truck and drive to Panguitch.  I know you had other angels watching over you too.

happy birthday


Happy birthday, Dad!  I am so grateful that you got a second chance.  We have a lot more memories to make!

I love you with all my heart!    

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Reclaimed Key Holder

I had seen a cute project on one of my favorite blogs that I read  HERE.  I love her style.  We have a key holder that really isn't very functional at my house so I was excited when I saw this.  It just so happens that my mom had given me an old window that she got at a yard sale for $1 that would work perfect. 

One side was a chippy brown color and the other
side, the one with the original hardware, was raw wood,
perfect for painting!

I had actually set out on Saturday afternoon preparing
to use my hammer and pound the panes of glass out.
That is until I figured those panes didn't just get in
there by magic, this was built and therefore
should be able to be taken apart.
I just decided to begin disassembling
starting with the small strips of wood around the glass.
I got out my crowbar, hammer and started
It was way easy!

Then I turned the window upside down over the
garbage can and used my rubber mallet to
pound the panes of glass out of the wooden frame.
Easy I tell ya!
It turns out, I love disassembling things
almost as much as I love making things.

I then painted the raw wood with Caromal Colours
Wisteria textured base coat.
Look at the window latch. . . so cute!

Once the paint was dry, I headed out to the
ole' garbage can once again and commenced sanding.

The wire I used is actually called Hardware Cloth.
I found it at The Home Depot near the chicken wire
and fence posts. 
I then used one of the old glass panes to measure my wire,
used tin snips and cut to size.

I then stapled the wire to the back.
I really like the Hardware Cloth because it is pretty
stiff and holds its form. 

I bought some "S" hooks that I can place anywhere
I want to hang keys, our gym tags,
my daughter even hangs her sunglasses here.

This is so much cuter than the ugly bulletin
board that used to hang here.

The one thing I might do differently is maybe leave 1 pane of glass
and have some vinyl made to fit.

You can find old windows all the time through on-line classifieds
in our area.  This was overall a very easy
project to complete.  The thing that took the longest
was waiting for the paint to dry.

You will have to check back next week.  I have some new paint colors coming from the Caromal Colours Reclaim Line and I can't wait.  I have the perfect little drop leaf table that gets the first redo when it comes.  The colors are all very neutral and there is something for everyone. 

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