Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shabby Picture Frame Using Caromal Colours

This project started with an ordinary pine frame from your local craft store. 

Pictured below is the frame along with the Caromal Colours
Country Living Artisans Collection
Peppercorn textured basecoat as well as a chip brush.

Remember this paint requires no sanding or priming before painting so bonus!
With the Caromal Colours textured basecoat you simply
moosh and smoosh this paint on because it is so thick and lucious like putty! 
It is so easy to apply.  There is no right or wrong way to applicate(?)
Is that really a word and if so, does it work in that sentence?
Oh well!

Below is the frame with the Peppercorn coat completed.
(I love Hobby Lobby!)
To achieve a more smooth look I dipped my brush tips in water
and sort of melted the paint into a more smooth finish.
You can leave it as much or as little textured as your heart desires.

Next I am going to apply the critical ingredient that makes this paint so spectactular. . .
The Chipping Creme!

The chipping creme makes it so easy to chip off the top coat of paint in order
to reveal the bottom color.  I apply a thin coat to the entire project
because I never know exactly where I want to distress my projects
until I have the sander in hand.  I may want to take a little more off to make
it more natural or do less distressing depending on the project.

Below is the frame with the chipping creme applied all over.
There is a little bit of a shine to it until it dries.

Next I applied the top textured basecoat, this time the color I am using is Parchment.
Because I am going to distress this I don't worry about covering every spot on the frame
as I am going to sand off quite a bit and that would be very wasteful of me.

Notice how you can see the Peppercorn showing through the Parchment?
No biggie!

After the top coat dries I grab my trusty and loyal palm sander to start chipping away at the layers.
Try to distress where paint would chip off naturally from a vintage frame with many layers of paint on it.
The edges are critical, but don't just do the very corners, pull some of the paint off on the flat
parts as well.  I think of the frame being in a bumpy wagon and rubbing against
other things and how the paint would be worn off.
I also like to go beyond the two coats of paint and let the raw wood
show through sometimes to give it more character.

Here is what the final product looks like.  This picture is a little bright
so it makes it hard to see the distressing.

The below 2 pictures really show the character of the frame and highlight the
worn edges.  I think the frame has a sort of barnwood feel to it.
I love how this turned out!
I did not put toner on the frame because I really liked how the white looked without it.

Total painting time on this frame was less than 15 minutes. 
Add in drying time between coats and it probably took around 2 hours.

Caromal Colours
Are you ready to order some Caromal Colours for yourself?
The Country Living Artisans Collection textured basecoats
are by far the easiest product I have found to refinish furniture.  It adheres to almost anything.
No stripping, sanding, or priming required!
If you would like to order some of this amazing paint for yourself
click on the Caromal Colours button on the top of my blog.
When checking out be sure to use the discount code:  BrendaUtah (case sensitive)
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If you have any questions or comments just leave a comment below or you may email me at bjroundy@msn.com.


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