Sunday, January 22, 2012

Have you seen Chelsea lately?

Chelsea is the beautiful antique dresser we refinished for Sonya.  It used to belong to her Granny and Grandpa so has a little sentimental value.  When I took the samples to Sonya's house to find out what she was looking for, she told me that she really wanted something earthy, more muted tones.  She has the cutest house up in the avenues and has truly made everything about it her own.  There is no question about her style.  The last room in the house she is working on is her guest bedroom downstairs.  I went down in the basement to look at the dresser and get a feel for the style she was going for in this room.  She has an adorable bed in their from the year 1906 that was imported from France (I will have to get a pic and show you).   Again, here is the before pic of Chelsea:

Here is the during pic of Chelsea:
Scary, I know, but everything will
work out in the end.

And, here is the fabulous after pic of Chelsea:

Again with the legs, Mwah!
She also has the original old casters on.

The detailing and the hardware are just perfect for
old Chelsea!

We used Caromal Colours textured basecoat,
3 different colors:  Paprika, Chocolate and Cobblestone.
The color combination is perfecto and I
can't help falling in love with this dresser!
Hopefully Sonya will give me visitation rights. . .


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