Sunday, February 23, 2014

Barn-Style Sliding Door Weekend Project

Great weekend for doing projects!  Here was a little teaser from my last post and what we started with:

And this is what it turned into:

Unbelievable, the talent my husband has and the ability to make what I envision!  Our landlord had some old 2 x 6's sitting out in the weather.  We asked her if we could buy some and they were transformed into this beauty!  The handle is from the plumbing department at The Home Depot.  The rollers on the top of the track are from the garage door section.  

This thing is so heavy and so huge, just under 8 feet tall!  Which is great because we have 10-foot ceilings and it seems more in proportion with the room.  I really have dreamed of having a sliding door, but thought it was out of reach because the cost of the track kits start at $250 and go up from there. We made this entire door for around $50!  The only thing left to do is install a small rubber caster on the wall so that the door doesn't bang into the wall, which I learned Here.

I'm in love with this door and how it changed the whole look of our bedroom.  It also matches the new laminate floor we just finished installing. 

Next up, painting our bedroom a light gray, but not sure if hubby will agree to this!


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