Sunday, February 20, 2011

UPDATE. . . "Beau," the 3-Drawer Dresser

I would like you to meet "Beau," a beauty of a 3-drawer dresser.  Can you guess what is different about "Beau" from our other pieces?  This one might take some brain power.  Beau wasn't always so pretty though.  When we got him he had duct tape residue all over.

We used the Barnworn finish kit on this dresser from Caromal Colours.  Why do we use Caromal Colours so much?  There is almost no prep work before actually beginning to paint.  No stripping, sanding, or priming.  The only thing you have to do is make sure your project is clean.  A-MA-ZING!  I tell ya!  Back to Beau. . . His first coat was done in Caromal Colours Pumpkin (although some people I know call it Peanutbutter!).  After the base coat dried we applied chipping creme (which makes it so the top coat chips off easier).  After the chipping creme dried we applied the top coat of Caromal Colours Chocolate.  Then we sanded to distress (of course!).  And finally toned.  It turned out beautiful, just needed some new hardware.

Asking Price:  $85 SOLD!
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