Saturday, February 19, 2011

Update!--Waterfall Dresser Reveal

Since we have been doing a lot of pieces, we thought it would be easier to name each one to keep better track of the different looks.  So, without further ado, I would like you to meet "Fargo."  Here is what "Fargo" looked like when I got him.  He had a white primer haphazardly applied over the entire thing, including the handles.  The first thing we did was apply the Paprika textured basecoat.  This time instead of brushing it smooth, we stippled the Paprika to give a more textured look for when we sanded the top coat.  Next we applied the chipping creme.  Then we applied the Cobblestone once the chipping creme dried.  After the final coat dried we lightly sanded the entire piece.  Because we stippled, a lot of the Paprika showed through, which is a really good looking.

Here is the dresser before applying the toner:
Here is a picture with 1 drawer toned, the others untoned:

And here is the final reveal with the hardware attached:

For Sale:  $175   Sold! to a lovely lady who is hosting a boy from Japan.  His mother asked if he could come stay so nothing happens to him from the nuclear reactor.  Awesome lady!!


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