Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thrifty AND Chic?

Yes, it is possible to be thrifty and still find amazing items for your home.  You can also find gently-used clothing at an ounce of the price.  Case in point. . . I took 2 of my kids with me to the DI (which is our local version of a thrift store).  The one in particular we went to had just moved to a new, much larger building, so we were anxious to see what treasures we could find there.  I usually have the best luck finding clothes for my girls, in particular my youngest, Ella.  Ella has grown about 5 feet tall in the past year and so all of her pants and shirts are too short for her.  Plus, she needed summer dresses, and we found just that. 

Here's Ella's haul!

She will be darling in her "new" outfits!

This little Downeast Girl dress cost $1!
She informed me that she would be wearing
this on the first day of school.

Here is a set of chipboard letters
from Making Memories, $1!
I thought I might use the outside
as a stencil for some signs.
How can I possibly go wrong for $1?

Now, you might ask, "What do a cute ornate jar
with a red lid and a nutcracker have in
common?"  Absolutely nothing!
Jaggyr is just in love with nutcrackers.
He didn't go with me to the DI, so he
gave me some of his hard-earned cash
just in case I might come across a
nutcracker. . . and I did. . . and
I couldn't pass it up for .75 to make a
little guy happy.
Nutcrackers actually scare me
more than a little.  Their eyes
are so far apart, their teeth are
always showing.  I don't know, they
just seem a little creepy to me.

I got these 2 shelves which were identical,
until I painted Caromal Colours Parchment
over the black on one.
I liked how it turned out, so will
be painting the other one as well.
These shelves were $2 each.
You can't find prices that cheap,
except maybe at a yard sale.
It took me less than an hour
to paint and distress the white shelf.
Total Transformation!

This may look like an ordinary whiskey
barrel with beautiful red geraniums and
sweet potatoe vine, but what you don't know
is that I bought a hanging basket full of
red geraniums from The Home Depot
on clearance for only $5, regularly priced $26.97!
I just separated the geraniums and re-planted them.
So not only do I go to thrift stores, I
seek out clearance prices everywhere
I go!  You just need to be willing to search.

I got a package of the little flags at
Target in their $1 section and placed
them around my yard.

Below is the wood flag I got at a yard sale
for only $2.  I also used this as a pattern
to make more flags.

As you can see, we are so ready for the 4th of July!

Thrift stores truly hold treasures if you
are willing to take the time to search for them.
By now, I have a hard time paying full price
for really anything.

Next stop, Extreme Couponing!


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