Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's What Fun Is!

The kids and I (minus Kesh 'cause she had to work) just spent a fun-filled day at our local amusement park, Lagoon, yesterday.  I took the two youngest with me while the two older boys went off to ride the "big kid rides."  I texted my husband while there that the look on the two little one's faces was priceless!  Huge, ear-to-ear grins!  Running from ride to ride!  Going back to the same rides over and over!  Jaggyr was so excited that he got to ride on his very first roller coaster ever!  The yells of excitement when we were on a ride scared me because I thought he was afraid. . . nope!  Just uber excited!  It was a long day and we had an absolute blast! 

Jaggyr has already started school and Ella starts this week so summer is coming to a close.  My older three don't start until the end of August, though.  We have had so much fun, but I am ready to get back to painting and DIY.  School always brings some sense of structure back to our lives that I am craving right about now.  Along with the start of school also comes sports, practices, games, fund raising, etc.  But I am ready for it. 


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