Sunday, August 7, 2011

Antique Farmhouse Dining Table

I acquired this gorgeous piece of furniture from Nancy, the founder of Gardner Village.  For the past few years she has held barn sales each weekend throughout the summer.  This year, though, I found some of her furniture for sale on our local classifieds.  The barn is 3 stories high, so there is so much to look through.  I originally went for my Hoosier, but simply could not leave without taking another look in the basement.  I found two identical dining tables.  You could barely make out the tables for the wonderful junk sitting on top of them.  One of Nancy's assistants helped me to unearth the two so that I could pick out the best one.  I absolutely love this table!

 We just want a little bit of Caromal Colours
Peppercorn to show through so did not paint the
entire basecoat, just spots.
Remember, with Caromal Colours textured
basecoats, there is no prep work, other than
making sure the surface is clean and dry.
I thought this stamp was very unique.

We did a Wisteria top coat from Caromal

And now, for the finished product:
Brunch Anyone?



Amanda said...

I love the table, but I also LOVE the dishes. May I ask where you go them? Please email me.


Brenda said...

Amanda, Believe it or not, I got these beautiful dishes at a yard sale!

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