Monday, August 15, 2011

Birthday and First Day of School

This handsome boy just turned 16.
Where did the time go?
Such a good kid.
I love you, Bub!

First day of 2nd grade.
Ask him how school was and every
single day he simply says, "Awesome!"
I love that he loves school so much!
Hopefully it lasts.

And here is my baby:  My last baby to
start school.  I really can't believe it.
She is so excited to have started
kindergarten.  She has been ready since
last year.  I do believe that she feels the
wait was so very worth it.
She is such a beauty and such a sweet girl!

My two little munchkins!

No more babies.  We have moved
on to the next stage of our lives
and it is so nice to see our kids grow up to
be amazing people!


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