Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Caromal Colours Sample Boards

I have talked about Caromal Colours textured basecoats in nearly every post I do regarding a furniture redo.  This paint is the only thing we use to do our furniture makeovers quite simply because there is almost no prep work before you actually get down to business and start painting your project.

I wanted to give you a little bit of history behind this amazing product before we went any further.

This is straight from the Caromal Colours website:

"Caromal Colours® grew out of one woman's dream. Carol Kemery's vision started in 2002. She had an idea that anyone could achieve a beautiful decorative finish for their home, given the right materials and a little instruction. So, along with her daughter Katie, a freshman at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, she submitted her business plan to an entrepreneur competition at Temple and took home first prize. Over the next few years, she worked tirelessly putting the components together. In 2007, Caromal Colours® was officially incorporated.

You don't have to spend a lot money, ponder over thousands of choices, own tons of tools or worry that the decorative finishing materials won't work. Our materials are incredible, the instructions complete and if you love the look of the many faces of Country Living Magazine, you can have it in your home!"

Carol runs Caromal Colours along with her kind husband, Al.

Barnworn Kit

Currently there are 12 colors offered in the textured basecoats:

Having said that, there are so many color combinations that work with these paints.  Here are some of the samples I have made up to show you.  Click on the picture for a more close-up version.

Colonial Blue over Chocolate

 Candy Apple Red over Peppercorn

Chocolate over Wisteria 
 Pumpkin over Cobblestone
 Candy Apple Red over Putty
 Wisteria over Peppercorn
 Chocolate over Putty
 Pumpkin over Peppercorn
 Parchment over Colonial Blue
 Bayberry over Candy Apple Red
 Bayberry over Peppercorn
 Putty over Mustard

Parchment over Mustard
 Peppercorn over Parchment
 Parchment over Chocolate
 Paprika over Chocolate
 Bayberry over Chocolate
 Candy Apple Red over Bayberry
 Mustard over Parchment
I will post more color combos tomorrow.


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