Thursday, May 19, 2011

Random thoughts of Brenda's Brain

I am so sorry for my rant of yesterday!  I am ashamed of myself!  I was just so down about losing so many pictures, but I was mostly mad at myself for not doing something about a backup plan, even though I knew that I should.  Please forgive me? 

I did go to Staples last night. . .

. . . but I did not buy anything until today after work.  Just and I went to Walmart after Staples and found the exact same item for $20 less.  I had just received a $20 off $20 or more coupon from Staples because I signed up for their rewards program, but left it home, so we decided that I would go to Staples the next day, see if they match prices, and utilize my coupon.  I approached the girl at the register and she informed me that they do match prices.  This was great news for me as I was also able to use my coupon and save $40 off what I was going to pay the night before!  We are usually such impulse shoppers, but we did do a little leg work this time that paid off.  I ended up getting a Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex portable hard drive.  It is a 500 GB, which should hold around 142,000 photos!  That is awesome!

I have been extremely happy with how easy it is to use and it was very affordable.  Heck, some of the little 4 GB flash drives were over half the price of this.

I have great news!  My shabby armoire sold just a few days ago!  Click Here to see "Kennedy."  I adore this piece!  It is my favorite piece (for reals!).

I just picked up an old sewing machine/table tonight.  The spindle legs are magnificent!

 Even the light still works!  No pedal, though.

Here is a pic of an antique bench my family
found this last weekend at a yard sale.
It is lusciously chippy, red, and old!

Here's to hoping the sun comes out from behind the rain clouds soon!  Cheers!


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