Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thrifting Treasures. . .

Because I have a full-time job in retail, I generally have to work weekends.  Which means I work Saturdays.  Which means I generally miss my local yard sales.  Which makes me extremely sad :O(

Thankfully, my parents were visiting this past weekend for my cousin's wedding, and thankfully my Hubby also likes to go to yard sales.  So, while I was slaving away at my job, my fam was out going to the local yard sales.  There was one community that is only allowed to have yard sales once a year and this past weekend just so happened to be it!  There were over 100 yard sales within a 3-mile radius.  Jackpot!  All in all they were only able to go to 20 yard sales before they ran out of time.  Here are some of the treasures they brought home:

This is an adorable Lavendar wicker nightstand
with old wallpaper on the top under glass.

 Cutest little feet ever!
This little yellow metal cart has the
original casters on it.

Just look at this beautiful Cake Tin!
I love the pattern and the colors! 
I tried to get a pic of the name, Ballonoff.
This tin is dated to the late 1970s.

The pretty aqua Melamine Melmac dishes are
Fostoria, dated to the 1950s.
 We have 3 pieces total.

 I need a Saturday off so that I can join
in on the festivities.
I love the hunt almost as much as
I love the redo's!


Sunny said...

Which community is it that does the big yearly yard sale? I want to go next year for sure!!


Sunny said...

Yes, I am in Davis County. How do you find out when the Day Break garage sale will be? I want to make sure I don't miss it next year!! Thanks!

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