Friday, March 25, 2011

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions. . .

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

My hubby is coming home tomorrow (finally)! 
If I were him, though, I am not sure I would want to. 


He has the choice between 83 degrees and sunny in Hawaii or freezing and snow in Utah?  Let's see here, what to do?  If he didn't miss me so much, he would probably choose Hawaii, but he can't stand to be away from me (I am sure that the kids have nothing to do with his homesickness at all)!  Just kidding!  He really misses the fam.  It will be so nice to have him home again and get back to "our normal."  What is normal anyway?  It is all so relative.  "The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well." --Alfred Adler.  Hahaha!  Seriously, though, we are the only normal family I know.  It's everyone else who is cuckoo!
Just like I am the only driver who knows what the HECK I am doing on the road anyways!  Fo Real Shizzle!

I do not know what just came over me!  I started talking like Snoop Dog or something! 
I did just watch a movie on Woodstock.  Maybe that had something to do with
my temporary lapse in judgement?
I will just end this post while I am ahead and go back to my "normal" family life!


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