Sunday, March 6, 2011

Meet Erma!

Here is Erma's "before" shot:
She's a pretty little cedar chest.
 Erma is an old-fashioned gal with updated taste.
I am not one
to give away people's age, but she is an antique!
Erma is from the late 1940's.
She belonged to my sister-in-law's grandmother named,
you guessed it, Erma!

Erma was lovingly passed on to me from my SIL to do
with as I pleased.
This time we didn't distress her.  That is my
absolute favorite thing to do, but some
people like a solid color, so I obliged!
We applied Caromal Colours Cobblestone textured
basecoat, then sealed it with a Kiss (not really!).
We sealed it with Minwax Wipe-On Poly
as we are out of Liberon Wax.

We kept her original detailed hardware
but put a fresh coat of spray paint on it.

I think Erma looks just beautiful now.
She is going to live in LaVerkin now at Leo's house.
My SIL says that her Granny would be happy
because she loved Southern Utah so much!

Leo and Jen, Please treat Erma well!


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