Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Benedict Complete--SOLD!

Benedict wasn't half bad looking in the beginning:

The wood was actually quite pretty and dark
(I love dark-stained wood).
Dax is one of my assistants
(I have 6 total.  I know, I am
a lucky girl!)

If I need something unscrewed
or a first coat of paint done,
my lovely assistants get the
job done, no questions asked!

Here Dax is whistling while
he is working!
What a guy!
He is 2 inches taller than his 
dad now, you know.

Speaking of large,
did I mention that Benedict is
massively huge as well?
No?  Well he is!
12 drawers!
No joke!

"B," as we call him,
is very chippy, shabby,
maybe even rustic?
That word makes me think of cabins.
Not that there is anything wrong with rustic,
or cabins, for that matter. . .
I just don't know that "B" fits the bill.
We did do some extra distressing
on "B" though.
I like that he doesn't fit the norm,
that he is an individual.

We used Peppercorn basecoat from
Caromal Colours.
We then applied chipping creme,
and finally Wisteria from Caromal Colours.
We finished "B" off with a good waxing.
(It's okay for boys to admit they
get waxed every now and then.
We will just call it maintenance).

Now you know I am a sucker for a great pair of legs (or feet),
and Benedict does not disappoint!
Look at those curves.
He has such prominent "feetures." Teehee!
Here is another shot of his best "feetures"
(Sorry, I just can't seem to stop!)

Benedict can be seen at:
Forget Me Not Boutique in Lehi.
Take the Rollermills exit, go west.
The store is just west of Fresh Market
(formerly Albertsons).
Molly just opened a week ago.
You should really stop in to see the great
treasures she has in her store.

If you do go,
tell Molly I said hi!

Benedict sold last Saturday!  Woohoo!


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