Friday, April 8, 2011

Chess Anyone?

If you will recall this is what this piece looked like when we got him:
He was cute in the way a mom loves her
newborn baby way.
He had good bone structure and a
lot of potential.

Just look at him now!
Meet Roman!
Roman comes every time with his "game" face on.

We made this cute little thing into
a game table; chess or checkers anyone?
The lone drawer is a great place for
storing your game pieces.

We used a Peppercorn basecoat from
Caromal Colours, with Parchment on top.

We distressed this guy to perfection!

All Roman needed was a new black handle
and he is ready to go!

Roman will make a loyal friend and give your
family hours of fun!

Selling Price:  $200

Check Mate!

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