Sunday, April 3, 2011

Orton. . . Wait, What?

Here is the before of this little end table:
I got this from a friend at work who was moving.  I thought it looked like an old ice chest because of the hinges and the latch.  You will notice from the before picture that it is oak, meaning that it has a lot of grain throughout the piece.  No problem for Caromal Colours Textured basecoat.  It doesn't even look like the same piece anymore.
Orton looks like a new man! 
He wanted to differentiate himself from
his twin, Horton, so he opted for a
"little work."

Orton was painted with Paprika base, then Cobblestone top coat.
He looks absolutely mahvelous darling! 

 His hardware got a coat of semi-gloss black
to really make them pop.
We sealed him with Liberon wax and buffed him out!  Orton has decided that "It's okay to have a little work done when you get older.  Everyone needs a little help when gravity starts to take over and your age begins to show."  Orton doesn't buy into the idea of growing old gracefully.  He longs for the days when he was young and spunky and really felt alive.

Orton is going to live at Grammy and Gary's house and will be in charge of holding their lamp and drinks (with coasters, of course)!

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